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Welcome to the Content Coast

Impactful marketing transcends distance.


At the Content Coast, we work to understand your market opportunities for actionable plans that go beyond business as usual anywhere your business is. We provide tailored marketing solutions to propel your brand forward, gain market share and grow revenue.


Marketing makes waves so sales can ride the tide.

Fractional Marketing Executive:

Gain the expertise of a seasoned marketing executive without the full-time commitment. Our fractional marketing executive services make a huge impact with a couple hours of work each week, fresh eyes, perspective, problem solving, extra set of hands for tactical direction and execution, to direct a team, help qualify additional resources, and more.

You need someone to lead marketing operations, oversee, implement and track progress, but a cultural fit is critical to the success of a fractional marketing executive. For a successful collaboration, the Content Coast works to understand the internal landscape quickly, careful not to step on toes, to develop a rapport and the foundation for trust. From there, we work to quickly assemble the process, tools and resources needed to get what needs to be done, done. Is it an overall/comprehensive strategy? Is it guidance and budget allocation and oversight to digital advertising? It could just be spearheading the brand, ensuring that all marketing tactics adhere to guidelines and stay within budget when it comes to advertising, content, social media, SEO, automation and tech stack development.


Product Marketing:

Utilize the Content Coast for compelling narratives to showcase your products/services effectively. We craft resonant messaging for your target audience, help with company collateral and presentations.

From a product marketing perspective, the Content Coast will craft a product’s positioning in the market, develop messaging and build strategies and promotions around the product for adoption. Somewhere in the middle between sales and marketing, a product marketer gets the company to realize the target audience, buyer personas, helps to create demand and works with product development on feedback from users. The Content Coast can assist or lead in product marketing, helping to build out a product marketing team or spearheading the role with analysis, interviews/surveys for customer insight, A/B testing go to market strategies, craft campaigns and budgets for product exposure, create content highlighting the product and where it fits within the company’s portfolio and more.


Content Marketing:

Content is essential for almost everything marketing handles. Brand visibility to organic traffic, inbound lead generation, loyalty and retention programs all benefit from unified messaging. Having an external resource that has that umbrella view into your content program helps identify new ways for prospecting, bringing in leads and optimizing existing content.

Content Marketing is the foundation to the content coast. When it comes to marketing communications, we’ll craft the necessary messaging, blogs, datasheets, white papers, social media posts and other outlets for an integrated marketing program. The beauty of utilizing the Content Coast for product and content marketing is that the right hand knows what the left is doing. We create the messaging, help craft the plan to promote it and execute on the materials to share it, including but not limited to sales one sheeters to videos. We develop captivating stories that resonate with your audience, drive engagement and conversions.


Sales Enablement:

We’re an external marketing consultant that provides your sales team the resources they need to close more deals. We do that in a variety of ways; empowering a sales team with tools, collateral, messaging, use cases, snippets and anecdotes to use in prospecting and with leads.

The Content Coast listens to what sales reps need to do their job better. Then, we create it. Sounds simple because it is. If marketing works for sales, then it makes sense for sales to inform marketing on what the priorities should be. What material or content is missing to convert leads? Do they need a comparison guide? A battlecard? Case studies? Relevant stats to include in a customer presentation? The Content Coast will develop a program that marketing and sales can adhere to for collaboration and consistent communication and feedback, with new ways to talk or go to market with prospects and leads.


Why work with the Content Coast?

The Content Coast specializes in operationalizing marketing strategy and performing tactics that generate sales quickly. We transform organizations into product led organizations with a sales team or many sales teams empowered to get to revenue, faster. We are an organization’s secret weapon; an extension of current marketing programs charted with deploying sales enablement.

Startups looking for a go-to-market strategy and budget.

Companies in need of a launch program: new product/division launch strategy, plan and execution.

Organizations currently executing on an ad hoc basis, (lots of irons in the fire), but in need of a holistic, comprehensive and integrated marketing plan.

Sales/marketing alignment: building a marketing and sales communication system, exchanging of ideas, shared folders for collateral, sales snippets, email templates, LI outreach and Sales Navigator programming.

Building out a marketing team or hiring individuals. Putting together job descriptions, conducting the recruitment efforts, interviewing and negotiating salaries.

Marketing team alignment and proficiency: providing direction and mentorship, career growth, crafting RACI charts, organizing project management tools, conducting status meetings to ensure all are rowing in the same direction.

Hiring third-party resources (PR/AR agencies, SEO/SEM firms, etc.): building RFPs, conducting short-list of agencies/firms that meet company objectives, interviewing, negotiating, hiring.

Managing a martech stack or introducing a new tool: partner/channel portal development, loyalty programs, MDF management- crafting specific asks from partners, tracking and more.

Writing and an extra set of hands for additional bandwidth to take on internal projects like product or content marketing.

Whether you’re a startup looking to establish your presence or an established business seeking to inject new life into your marketing and sales approach, the Content Coast is here to craft and achieve the company’s mission. 

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