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Why the Content Coast?

The Content Coast is my new venture to help marketing departments of all shapes and sizes get more done. I’m a marketing executive with a 20- year history in public relations, advertising, and the last 10 years within the indirect technology channel, helping channel sales, inside sales and direct teams, IT advisors and consultants grow their book of business.


With so many directives, and often not enough direction or prioritization, marketing departments, particularly within the tech sector, are stressed out. Too much work, not enough time. This is the impetus for the Content Coast. Something like this needs to exist, as too often, I’ve found my employees ask for help in tackling a project they were pulled into or prioritizing their week. Marketing requests come in, meetings are scheduled to discuss, often derailed, and marketing is left to figure it out and deliver.


The Content Coast is meant to be a fun, easy partnership you can call on for interim help with whatever is needed. A year’s strategy and plan, team management, integrated sales and marketing alignment, social selling strategies and content for sales teams, poignant and more persuasive content, general demand generation, whatever, I’m building a team that will work for you.


This is year one. As we build, the Content Coast has a network of specialists to assist with the various aspects the work calls for.  Thank you for entrusting your business with us.



Corey Cohen

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