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Lisbon Coast

More than just consulting on strategy. We execute on vision.

Fractional Marketing Executive

Unlike other fractional CMO services, hired for consulting services to build strategy and plans at a lower cost without the commitment of a full-time employee, the Content Coast offers fractional marketing executive services: strategy & execution. While a head of marketing is great in title, the Content Coast gets in the trenches; not just designing, but actually building the ship before sailing it.


The Content Coast is a marketing executive
hired for whatever the company needs. Is it
demand generation? Sales development? Or
a general growth objective where an extra
set of hands is needed.

You need someone to lead marketing operations, oversee, implement and track progress, but a cultural fit is critical to the success of a fractional marketing executive. For a successful collaboration, the Content Coast works to understand the internal landscape quickly, careful not to step on toes, to develop a repour and the foundation for trust. To build a collaborative partnership, the first part of engagement is working closely to understand the company vision, values, and objectives, ensuring that any plan or program developed aligns seamlessly with the overall business strategy.

From there, we work to quickly assemble the process, tools and resources needed to get what needs to be done, done. Is it an overall/comprehensive strategy? Is it guidance and budget allocation and oversight to digital advertising? It could just be spearheading the brand, ensuring that all marketing tactics adhere to guidelines and stay within budget when it comes to advertising, content, social media, SEO, automation and tech stack development. 

Read more about what a fractional marketing executive can do for your company here.

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